When registering for the event you can select a workshop from the program. Please choose your session carefully, as changing workshop registration at the venue may be difficult due to the limited number of seats at each event.

Workshop 1. «European Charter for Sustainable Tourism and Best Practices for Sustainable Development of Protected Areas in Russia»

(Hotel Radisson Rosa Khutor)

Europarc Federation is the largest association of specially protected areas in Europe, including national parks. Over its many years in operation, the Federation has developed toolkits (standards, methods, certificates, guidelines) to address the often divergent interests of parks and businesses seeking to operate within their boundaries.

Workshop 2. «Green Hotel for Green Tourism»

(Hotel Radisson Rosa Khutor)

Environmental protection is not limited to biodiversity alone. It also involves reducing your environmental footprint, for example through the use of innovative and resource-conscious solutions. Representatives from the Russian Green Building Council (GBCRussia) will discuss green building standards and turn-key technological solutions for tourism.

Workshop 3.  «Taking Care of the Next Generation» 
( Hotel Radisson Rosa Khutor)

Active tourism for children, summer adventure camps and research expeditions for children build a foundation for the sustainable development of outdoor tourism. It brings young travelers into nature’s fold, teaching them leadership skills and cooperation, and helping children to grow into strong, successful and responsible adults. This workshop will raise the topics of hiking trips and camps for children, as well as look at foreign practices in organizing outdoor tours for children.

Workshop 4. «The French and Russian models of Public-Private Partnerships for Sustainable Development of Tourism»

(Hotel Radisson Rosa Khutor)

France and Russia are countries with a rich culture, strong traditions and strong- willed people who have repeatedly found the opportunity to learn from each other in the historical perspective. According to various estimates, the share of the tourism industry in France’s GDP ranges from 7% to 10%, while in Russia it does not exceed 2%. The ratio of indicators for natural tourism in our countries is even less favorable towards Russia. French and Russian experts will compare the principles and practices of cooperation between the authorities and business in the domain of development of nature tourism in both countries.

Workshop 5. «The Impact of Recreational Activities»

(Hotel Radisson Rosa Khutor)

All human activities impact the environment, and tourism is no exception. How do we measure the environmental impact of tourism, what risks should we consider, and how do we manage those risks?

Tourism development projects should be combined with initiatives that have a positive impact on the environment. How should such initiatives be put in place and integrated in projects, and how should we assess their impact?

Workshop 6. «Tourist Expectations, Experiences and Risks in the Wilderness»

(Hotel Radisson Rosa Khutor)

Some like to go on nature adventure trips alone, while others invite their friends and family. Still others, real trail-blazers, lead fellow adventurers down their secret paths. Why do people seek to to distance themselves from civilization? What do they find in the wilderness? Are they ready to face the dangers waiting for them where there are no roads, houses and means of communication? This workshop is a master-class by tour operators who successfully organize trips to the most remote and hard to reach sites of natural beauty.

Workshop 7. «Tell Your Journey Story»

(Hotel Radisson Rosa Khutor)

Today’s world can fit in the palm of your hand: it’s enough to just tap the screen of your smartphone. But still, personal examples, a good piece of advice and a useful hint are just as important in today’s whirlwind of digital data as they always have been. Let’s talk about how to promote ecotourism using modern communication tools.